You are not your past, forgive yourself!

Does your old life and the mistakes you made tend to knock on the door of your memory to come in? How often do you press replay on your mistakes? Many of us miss out on all that God has to offer because we can’t move pass the mistakes we’ve made in the past. Granted, some mistakes are hard to forget…. escpically if you’re still living with the consequences today. BUT I must ask… How long are you going to condemn yourself over the things God has already forgiven you for?!?

When I was of this world I conducted myself as such. I lived the way I wanted with absolutely no reverence to God. When I found Christ I was made into a new person. Therefore, the old Miracle died. I had to renew my mind so that I could be like Christ. You can’t enter your new way of life still holding on to your mistakes. You have to cast every bit of your old life at the feet of our heavenly Father.

Romans 8:1 says that there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus…. annnnddd since you’re born again and a new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17)…. Why are you condemning yourself? Why do you allow yourself to waddle in self pity about all of the what would have, should have, and could have happened?

The mistakes are done, the decisions have been made, and it’s over and done with. Why keep playing it over and over in your mind as if replaying it will bring about a change? Set yourself free and stop taunting yourself. There’s a whole new life out there waiting on you but will you receive what God has to offer or will you continue playing tug a war with Him???

Now the Holy Spirit that lives within us convicts us which SHOULD cause us to repent, turn from that sin, and live better. Often times we will condemn ourselves, waddle in that sin and remain stuck there for days, weeks, months, sometimes even years.

Conviction and condemnation is two totally different things.

We are convicted when we become mindful of how much our sin dishonors God. The Holy Spirit not only convicts us of sin, but He also brings us to repentance. The Holy Spirit brings to light our relationship to God. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit should open our blinded eyes to our sin and help our hearts to be able to receive His saving grace.

Condemnation comes from Satan and is meant to tear us down. Condemnation always points out what a failure we are, and how many mistakes we’ve made. Condemnation will always show us the problem, but will never get us to the solution which is REPENTANCE!

It’s Satan job to try and kill and destroy everything that brings God glory.  Since your a follower of Christ that means YOU! The number 1 thing he wants to attack is your character so that you won’t believe God’s truth. So he reminds you of your past failures and short comings. That way, not only will you not think God loves you but you won’t ever think he forgives you. So, there you are condemning yourself ashamed to even go into the presence of God. Which is exactly what Satan wants. John 10:10 says that “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” So, anytime you feel consumed with depression and the agonizing memories of your past know that it comes from the enemy… he wants you to feel unworthy of God’s love to make it impossible to receive. Cast those thoughts down and make them obedient to Christ(2 Corinthians 10:5). You don’t belong to Satan so he has no power over you unless you give it to him. RESIST HIM AND HIS TACTICS AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU ( James 4:7).

I want to tell you this… You are not your past! You are not your mistakes! You don’t have to suffer all your life! You can forgive yourself! You are more than who you USE to be! You dont have to accept the lies of the enemy! You dont have to allow him to speak to You! You belong to God and you are EVERYTHING He says that you are. Receive God’s truth about you and have faith that it is so.

I love you and I pray you continue striving to be all that God wants you to be. Repent and let go of those mistakes! Christ died so that you may be set free. He payed the ransom so you wouldn’t have to. Receive it by faith!!!

I love you,

– Miracle!


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  1. Excellent post! Seems like we are on the same line of thinking with our devotional .

    May every person who reads this be encouraged. In Jesus name . Amen.


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