Why don’t they love me?

When we are desperate to find love and be loved we often times settle in relationships and friendships. We tend to give others the permission to love us based off how much THEY think we are worth. If we are not confident in our identity in Christ and if we don’t know our worth we will accept less than what we deserve. When we are not complete or dont get the feeling of fulfillment we ask them and even oursleves. “Why dont they love me?”

As women how often have we lowered our self worth to remain in a relationship that was obviously not good for us? How often do we remain the “wifey” and “main chick” all the while our MAN runs the streets with his sidekick while you PLAY house at home? How often do we stay in a abusive relationship (physical, mental, or verbal) because we believe the lie that he is sorry and never will do it again or oh…. catch this! Somehow it was OUR fault why he acted the way he did. So because we don’t know who we are we accept this treatment thinking this is the best we can do. We remain unfulfilled starving for love asking ourselves. “Why don’t he love me?”

We also find ourselves leaching off of our relationships and friendships. We’re starving for attention and love and when someone doesn’t live up to the expectations that we’ve placed on them we’re left brokenhearted and let down. When our girls cancel plans with us instead of just saying “hey, my sis was just busy or something must’ve come up” we take it personal and think she’s being funny. And again, we ask ourselves “why dont they love me” or “why they do me like that” That’s because you are functioning from a broken place sis. People can not fulfill the longing in our hearts that is screaming out for love. We can’t place unrealistic expectations on people. They will let us down and they will hurt us!  Intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Why?! Because we are mere humans and imperfect people saved by a perfect God by His never ending grace.

So while we are crying about why don’t “they” love me God is standing there with His arms wide open wondering… “Why does my daughter not love me?”

God is saying, “Daughter… I knew you before I ever formed you in your mother’s womb. Before your parents ever thought of you my plans for your life were already strategically thought out and planned. I made you in my image and you are MY masterpiece. In me you are FULLY loved, FULLY accepted, and FULLY cherished! There is no need for you to roam the earth LOOKING for love when I freely give you Mine. You are a daughter of a King and I need you to remember that you are the prize and you are to be sought out as the gift you are. Rest in me and know that there isn’t any love that someone can give you that can amount to the love that I fill you with. Human love will always leave you thirsting for more but the love I give quenches your thirst so that you never have to go looking again. I need you to LIVE LOVED. Live knowing that you are fully loved in me. If you live loved you won’t search the earth aimlessly for what you already have in Me!

Sis, I pray these words penetrate your heart in such a way that you never have to ask yourself “why don’t they love me?” again. When you are rejected by people don’t let that be an opportunity for satan to plant a seed in your mind that makes you identify yourself as being rejected, unlovable, or unworthy. We are so quick to accept the lie from satan but have such a hard time believing the truth that is found in Gods word. Know who you are and Whose you are and walk BODLY in that fact.

God loves you beyond your wildest dreams!

Thank you for reading. With love, Miracle!


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