I let go of my life…. you should too!!

I recently came to a point in my life where I had to literally throw my hands up and say “I give up”. There’s so many things I want in life and without paying attention I took my life into my own hands because I felt God was “taking to long”. Have you ever been there?!?! You’re seeking God for guidance, making your desires known to Him, spending time in His word and no matter what you do you’re not getting answers.

I tried to make this happen, fix this, work on this, and all the while nothing I placed my hands on would prosper. I felt like I needed this by this date…. and if God didn’t show up, I was going to “fix it” myself. Which all I did was cause unnecessary set backs in my life that I could have avoided if I would have just LET GO and trust Gods timing. I begin to realize that I, myself, can accomplish NOTHING apart from God!!! John 15:5 says that “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” You see Jesus is the vine and we are the branch and we must stay connected to Him. Jesus walks with us, instructs us, open doors as well as close them for our good. If we are not connected to the vine, apart from Him we don’t have a clean cut vision on what it is we need to do.

Sis I need you to get tired of pulling on doors that aren’t for you, following other peoples instructions for your life, and comparing  your progress to the next person. I realized that when I place my focus on other people Satan blinds me of the purpose God has given me and he cloud my vision with his lies and deception.  Be content where you are, let go of your own plans and place your life back into the hands of your loving Father. I can assure you His plans are amazing and they exceed far above the plans you have for yourself.

In the midst of holding on to my life and my plans I got caught up in trying to meet the standards of this world to be successful, to be a good wife, to get pregnant before I’m no longer able to, etc. I got to a point where I grew extremely depressed, exhausted, and uninspired to do anything at all. I was holding on to my life and what “made sense” according to this fleeting world instead of letting go of my life for Gods will to manifest itself . I needed to LET GO!!

Matthew 16:25 says  “whoever wants to save their life will lose it; but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” So what areas of your life are you trying to save, mend, and transform? Are you trying to fix a relationship/friendship that God told you to let go of? Are you trying to build a business, move out of state, go back to school, get married, have babies, find a new church home so you can grow… WHATEVER it is that you have your hands on right now.. ask yourself… “Did God tell me to do this or is this something I took on myself”? If you have zero peace about the matter I suggest you go reevaluate what is stressing you. 2 Timothy 1:7 says that God gives us a sound mind. So if you’re stressed out either God didn’t instruct you to do what you’re doing, you haven’t let go of something he’s told you to let go of, or you simply are struggling to trust the promise He’s given you.

Have you taken on the task of worrying about if that child of yours will ever come home, will your marriage be restored.. when you don’t even know where your husband is, is your refrigerator empty and your struggling to trust God for your next meal.. rent/mortgage is due and your bank account is in the negatives…. What are your doing during those times that it seems like nothing you do is making your situation better? Are you sitting up all night studying the past due bills you got in the mail a week ago like it’s going to change? Are you pacing the floor toiling over your circumstances searching for ways YOU can fix them?? In those times you’ve felt like you’ve done all you can do.. STAND. Get in your posture of prayer and use your weapons of warfare. Prayer shouldn’t be your last resort it should be your your first. Ask God for whatever it is you need according to His will for your life and watch Him work that thing out. Not on your time but His. We can become so caught up in our own lives that we sit around crying, stressed out and worried over things we have no control over. Worrying and fear can not dwell in the same place. I’ve learned that worrying basically tells me that I’m lacking faith and I don’t trust God. If I REALLY trust God why would I be worrying? Right?!?

So I want to encourage you to LET GO of your life and place it back into the hands of God. Trust God with what He allows you to go through and in the midst of it all ask Him what it is you need to learn and LEARN IT!! Stop digging yourself into deeper hole looking for immediate relief from your situations. Don’t be like the Israelite’s… They made a  11 day journey turn into a 40 year journey to enter into what God had already promised them because of their mindset. God has you right where He wants you. Trust His love, promises, and vision for your life and receive it by faith. LET YOUR FAITH BE GREATER THAN YOUR FEAR!!

Let go of your life and I can assure you in letting go.. that’s truly where you will find freedom and the peace God intended on you to have.

I love you all so much. Keep pressing towards your purpose and never EVER feel like what you go through is in vain.

Keep inspiring souls wherever you go!!

Love, Miracle!

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