When suicide feels like your only option.. Please Read!!!

Suicide used to be a constant thought ringing loud in my mind for a very long time. With each morning I would roll out of bed in despair that I was still here to live another day. I never thought I would be someone that would struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts…. but when life happens and your pain has blinded you to the point you’re unable to see pass what you see….  in that moment doing ANYTHING to make the pain stop seems like the only option you have left.

I can’t speak for others nor can I pretend that I have all the answers. I’m no psychiatrist, doctor, or anything of the sort but what I am is a person that has walked through it and have overcome. God pursued me and told me to LIVE when all I wanted to do was die. God gave me joy when all my flesh wanted to do was mourn. God told me I was chosen when all I felt was rejected by this world. God told me I was loved when I isolated  and convinced myself that noone cared. Gods truth pierced my heart when satan whispered his lies into my mind.

I’m quite aware that some people struggle with chemical imbalances and other medical problems that I’m not clinically trained to get into. I wholeheartedly encourage and support those needing that help as well as therapy. But, what I want to encourage along with that is the saving, healing, and loving power of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!! Who God is! The hope I found in what Jesus did for me. The truth of Gods word kicked down every lie in my head that told me suicide was the answer. All of that took place because someone prayed for me. Someone shared the gospel with me! Someone showed me that in Christ things get better. In Christ I’m given a new heart! I become a new person! I’m saved, redeemed, and restored!!!! THAT was good news for me… and it was that good news that has gotten me this far. Does depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts still try to show it’s head in my life?!?!? Absolutely, BUT…. it NEVER wins and it NEVER has the last word. Because I have a new weapon now. The word of God… and I’m able to fight back instead of allowing it to defeat me. The full armor of God is your weapon (Ephesians 6:10-18) and it is to fight back when satan wants to convince you that suicide is your only and best option.

We often go through these things alone!!! Ashamed that it’s even something we are battling and that is EXACLTY what satan wants. To isolate you so that he can lie, deceive, and attack you when you’re weak. FIGHT BACK!!!! How do you fight back. With choosing to live and not die so you can proclaim the works of the Lord (Psalm 118:17). By speaking up and telling someone you need help (there’s no shame and more people battle with this than you think). By renewing you mind with the word of God. Satan can’t convince you to lay dormant while he wreck havoc in your mind by whispering his lies if you know the truth of Gods word. By surrounding yourself with a community of believers that will walk with you through this. By not being ashamed if you need to go to doctors, therapy, or use medication. BY NOT GIVING UP!!!! RISE!!!!

Whoever you are. Wherever you may be in your life. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! IT GETS BETTER!!!! SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!!

If you ever need anyone to talk, vent, or cry to I’m HERE!!! I’m here to pray with you. I’m here to hope with you! I’m here to fight with you!!! Most of all I’m here to point you to the ONE who saved me. GOD!!!!

Email me: miraclew911@gmail.com

I love you, all!!!! From my heart directly to yours. With love, Miracle💜

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